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James Cook mokus at deepbondi.net
Wed May 4 23:02:35 CEST 2011

On May 4, 2011, at 4:50 PM, Andrew Coppin wrote:

>>    One of the benefits of a site like SO as a forum is the ability to
>>    record and link to prior work, edit for technical errors, and  
>> easily
>>    search and categorize past answers. It is also less prone to  
>> noise,
>>    for those suffering from cafe overload.
>> I would also recommend SO.
> My only experience of SO is that I asked a question once, and to  
> this day it has still only been viewed a grand total of 6 times.  
> (And I think that was just me looking to see if there were any  
> replies yet.) OTOH, it wasn't Haskell-related.

I think Haskell questions on SO tend to the opposite extreme; no  
matter how poorly thought-out the question, the Haskell community will  
descend on it like a swarm of helpful piranhas.

Languages like Java and C# have such an overwhelmingly huge number of  
questions (the quality of which are, frankly, quite poor on average)  
that very few people are going to actually sit and look through even  
1% of them.  Haskell, on the other hand, has a small enough volume  
that people can at least skim the ones from the last past day or two  
in a fairly small amount of time.

-- James

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