[Haskell-cafe] Please add a method for optimized concat to the Semigroup class

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Wed May 4 13:40:21 CEST 2011

> From: Edward Kmett <ekmett at gmail.com>
> On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 3:43 PM, Yitzchak Gale <gale at sefer.org> wrote:
> > I'm sure there are countless other natural examples of semigroups
> > in the wild, and that the typical non-trivial ones will benefit
> > from an optimized sconcat.
> >
> Sold! (modulo the semantic considerations above)

Somewhat academic, but would there be a case for implementing sconcat in
terms of Foldable (or similar)?

John L
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