[Haskell-cafe] NOT Iteratee, ghc 6.12/7.0 strange behaviour -epollControl: permission denied (Operation not permitted)

Michael A Baikov pacak at bk.ru
Thu Mar 31 20:19:16 CEST 2011

It works fine up to the point when makefdCallback tries to use GHC.Conc.threadWaitRead on fd
So my example is simplifed in to this:

import System.Posix.IO
import GHC.Conc

main = do
    fd <- openFd "/etc/passwd" ReadOnly Nothing defaultFileFlags
    threadWaitRead fd        -- the big bang happens right here.
    closeFd fd

So iteratee is completely innocent and apoligies should be mine - I should not suspect such wonderfull library in the first place.

But on the bright side - i'll play with gory details of threadWaitWrite implementation :)

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> Apologies, I won't have time to look at this for a few days.  However, could
> you try a test using the functions from Data.Iteratee.IO.Posix directly?
>  That would help narrow down the issue.  I suspect it's either a bug in
> ghc's IO, or the semantics of some IO functions changed without my noticing.
> John L.

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