[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 175

Daniel Santa Cruz dstcruz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 04:26:03 CEST 2011

   Welcome to issue 175 of the HWN, a newsletter covering developments in
   the [1]Haskell community. This release covers the week of March 20 -

   You can find the HTML version at: http://bit.ly/gs9Rr8


   Wren Ng Thornton [2]announced the release of unix-bytestring:
   Unix/Posix-specific functions for ByteStrengs.

   John Lato [3]announced an incremental update to the ListLike package.
   "This version adds newtype wrappers for strict and lazy ByteString,
   CharString, and CharStringLazy..."

   Mario Blazevic [4]announced the release of incremental-parser, which
   provides the usual set of Applicative and monad combinators with a few
   twists that make it unique.

   Duncan Coutts [5]announced the release of version 0.16.3 of c2hs, the
   FFI preprocessor tool.

   Jeff Wheeler [6]announced a new release of Yi, the text editor written
   in and extensible in Haskell.

   Christiaan Baaij [7]announced an incremental upgrade to to

   Mario Blazevic [8]announced updates to monad-parallel, monad-coroutine,
   and SCC (Streaming Component Combinators).

   John Millikin [9]announced an update to enumerator to version 0.4.8.

Quotes of the Week

     * Squarism: wo utilizing any tricks, i want 20 miljon rabbits to mate
       with each other once.. how many mate event will there be

     * mm_freak: using combinators instead of explicit recursion can be
       justified with about the same reasoning as using 'while' instead of
       explicit 'goto' in imperative programming

     * monochrom: <$> is pronounced Jacquelin von Brionée

     * geheimdienst: what does a pirate say when starting a sentence, then
       suddenly being hit in the nadgers? arr- ow!

     * monochrom: 1985 is way more than a decade ago

     * copumpkin: matlab is horrible as far as language design goes[.]
       it's fairly convenient for doing stuff in but I need to shower
       after every time I use it

Top Reddit Stories

     * Debugging trick
       From (self.haskell), scored 60 with 11 comments.
       Read on [10]reddit.

     * Your friendly Haskell JSON library's encoding performance just got
       4x faster
       From (serpentine.com), scored 45 with 2 comments.
       Read on [12]reddit.
       Read the [13]original post.

     * A monad for deterministic parallelism (ICFP'2011 submission)
       From (community.haskell.org), scored 41 with 8 comments.
       Read on [14]reddit.
       Read the [15]original post.

     * Haskell servers benchmarked against node/ruby/python/php/java.
       From (docs.yesodweb.com), scored 36 with 12 comments.
       Read on [16]reddit.
       Read the [17]original post.

     * The Yesod Framework and the Case of the Eight Level Monad
       Transformer Stack
       From (docs.yesodweb.com), scored 35 with 16 comments.
       Read on [18]reddit.
       Read the [19]original post.

     * Improving Persistent Performance (Yesod Blog)
       From (docs.yesodweb.com), scored 29 with 1 comments.
       Read on [20]reddit.
       Read the [21]original post.

     * Fast, clean Haskell bindings to Google's Snappy library
       From (hackage.haskell.org), scored 22 with 8 comments.
       Read on [22]reddit.
       Read the [23]original post.

     * Open Quark on Github (Haskell like Lang on the JVM)
       From (github.com), scored 15 with 3 comments.
       Read on [24]reddit.
       Read the [25]original post.

     * EclipseFP 2.0.4 released: supports GHC 7
       From (jpmoresmau.blogspot.com), scored 15 with 7 comments.
       Read on [26]reddit.
       Read the [27]original post.

     * Demonstrating a Time Leak in Arrowized FRP
       From (blog.edwardamsden.com), scored 14 with 12 comments.
       Read on [28]reddit.
       Read the [29]original post.

Top StackOverflow Answers

     * [30]Reading large file in haskell ? votes: 19

     The construct "seq x x" is always useless.  If y = seq x x and I force
     y then this forces x then returns x.  This is equivalent to y=x and
     forcing y.  Thus "seq forceEval forceEval" does nothing more than

     The error with your use of a fold is a common one.

     You are using a fold to perform a count of the bytes in the
     input.  You should be using ...

     * [31]What to call a function that splits lists? votes: 12

     I believe the function you're describing is breakBefore from
     the list-grouping package.


     ghci:: breakBefore even

Top StackOverflow Questions

     * [32]Haskell record syntax
       votes: 16, answers: 1

     * [33]Reading large file in haskell?
       votes: 12, answers: 1

     * [34]Haskell laziness - how do I force the IO to happen sooner?
       votes: 9, answers: 3

     * [35]case on monadic value
       votes: 7, answers: 2

     * [36]Simplest way to find which data types are most garbage
       votes: 7, answers: 2

About the Haskell Weekly News

   To help create new editions of this newsletter, please send stories to
   dstcruz at gmail.com. I'm in dire need of finding good "quotes of the
   week". If you happen to come across any, please don't hesitate to send
   it along.

   Until next time,
   Daniel Santa Cruz


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