[Haskell-cafe] Gtk2hs multiple column TreeView with ListStore issue

Кирилл Березин pechenie.k at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 18:46:55 CET 2011

I cannot force GTK to render data in TreeView with ListStore model with
multiple columns through Haskell. I have the following code

addTextColumn view name =


    col <- treeViewColumnNew

    rend <- cellRendererTextNew

    treeViewColumnSetTitle col name
    treeViewColumnPackStart col rend True
    treeViewColumnSetExpand col True
    treeViewAppendColumn view col

prepareTreeView view =


    addTextColumn view "column1"

    addTextColumn view "column2"

    --adding data here

Then I try to add some data, and there are problems. I tried these:

    --variant 1 (data TRow = TRow {one::String, two::String}

    model <- listStoreNew ([] :: [TRow])

    listStoreAppend model $ TRow { one = "Foo", two = "Boo" }

    treeViewSetModel view model

    --variant 2

    model <- listStoreNew ([] :: [[String]])

    listStoreAppend model ["foo","boo"]

    treeViewSetModel view model

    --variant 3

    model <- listStoreNew ([] :: [(String, String)])

    listStoreAppend model ("foo", "boo")

    treeViewSetModel view model

But in all cases I see the table with column header and one blank row
inserted. Any help will be appreciated.
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