[Haskell-cafe] How to contact OpenGL package maintainer (where is Sven?)

Jason Dagit dagitj at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 05:01:07 CET 2011


It looks like the OpenGL packages on hackage[1,2,3,4] have not been updated
in some time.  No updates later than Oct 2009.  I tried to email Sven
directly using the email address listed on hackage but after about a week I
still haven't heard from him.  I sent some patches to the opengl list
yesterday, and then today I noticed that Sven hasn't posted on that list
since Oct 2009 when he released the current version of OpenGLRaw.  None of
the public darcs repos have patches newer than Oct 2009.  Also, the homepage
url listed in the packages is a 404:

My concern is that Sven has disappeared for some reason.  I hope he's well.
 He has always done top notch work in the past maintaining these libraries.
 Perhaps he's simply busy or lost interest?

Does anyone know if he was looking for a new maintainer?  Perhaps you've
heard from him more recently than Oct 2009?

If a new maintainer is needed, I would consider nominating myself :)


[1] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/OpenGLRaw
[2] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/OpenGL
[3] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/GLURaw
[4] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/GLUT
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