[Haskell-cafe] X11 package bug: XClientMessageEvent long data

Brandon S Allbery KF8NH allbery.b at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 23:16:43 CET 2011

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On 3/16/11 00:10 , Dylan Alex Simon wrote:
> Does anyone know the current maintenance status of the X11 package?  I emailed
> Spencer Janssen a number of months ago and never heard back.  So, I'll put
> this here in case any one else runs into it or can get it to the right place.
> This is a proposed bug fix for a problem I ran into using xmonad client
> messages to send remote commands on 64LP architectures (i.e., amd64), wherein
> the C X11 library and Haskell's disagree about the size of client message
> arguments.
> Tue Nov 16 23:41:49 EST 2010  Dylan Simon <dylan at dylex.net>
>   * change XClientMessageEvent long data
>   The XClientMessageEvent.data.l field is actually a long, not an int, so it must
>   be interpreted as such, even though format is set to 32 in this case.
>   Ostensibly this is an Xlib bug, but it is unlikely to be fixed there.

I believe it's documented behavior (in XLib).  In any case, that's only one
of several problems with client messages (and properties).  It's on the
list... somewhere.

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