[Haskell-cafe] possible bug for ghc 7 + xcode 4 on snow leopard?

steffen steffen.siering at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:55:59 CET 2011


I haven't installed XCode 4 yet, but the crt1.10.5.o is the c runtime file 
defining the symbol "start" which any program will be linked with being the 
programs real entry point.

Disassembling "crt1.10.5.o" (for Leopard) and "crt1.10.6.o" (for Snow 
Leopard) reveals the very same code for the symbol "start", but
"crt1.10.5.o" additionally defines "dyld_stub_binding_helper" and 

I think I read that XCode 4 is snow leopard+ only, therefore I 
guess "crt1.10.5.o" was deleted when you've install Xcode 4.

Maybe a symbolic link "ln -s crt1.10.6.o crt1.10.5.o" in /usr/lib shall do 
just fine, but I will keep a copy of "crt1.10.5.o" before upgrading to Xcode 
4 just in case and report any findings.

- Steffen
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