[Haskell-cafe] IPv6 issues for (code|community).haskell.org?

Erlend Hamberg ehamberg at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 09:47:44 CET 2011


When I wanted to get the newest xmonad code from darcs today¹ it was
really, really slow.  Running “host” revealed that code.haskell.org is
an alias for community.haskell.org and that it has an IPv6 address
associated with it.  Being on an IPv6 network, and having been burnt by
similar problems before, I tried adding IPv4 address for
code.haskell.org in /etc/hosts in order to force the connection to
happen over IPv4. This fixed the issue and “darcs get” now takes a few

I just wanted to alert people in case the problem is at the server end.
(And in case this isn’t just a temporary problem.)

Connecting to code.haskell.org in a Web browser also takes minutes,
while e.g. http://ipv6.google.com/ works perfectly.

[1] With “darcs get http://code.haskell.org/xmonad”

Erlend Hamberg
ehamberg at gmail.com

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