[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hmpfr-0.3.2 (requires integer-simple, supports mpfr 3.0.0)

Edward Kmett ekmett at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:56:52 CET 2011


I tried to fix up the hmpfr bindings myself before the
integer-simple/integer-gmp split was done, but it was impossible given the
way GHC hooks into the gmp allocator. The main issue appears to be the fact
that as mpfr has matured it has come to do more internal allocation to
handle corner cases that it was handling incorrectly, and as these are not
on slabs of memory you explicitly allocated, the GMP allocation hook causes
them to vanish willy nilly.

I'm glad I can finally pick up some of my interval arithmetic/taylor model
code again. =)

I have a half-dozen or so packages that were blocked by this.

-Edward Kmett

2011/3/3 Michal Konečný <mik at konecny.aow.cz>

> Dear all,
> I am pleased to announce hmpfr-0.3.2, a new version of Aleš Bizjak's
> bindings
> to the MPFR arbitrary precision floating point arithmetic library.  The
> changes in this version are quite small but significant:
> - support for MPFR 3.0.0 as well as MPFR 2.4.*
> - dependency on integer-simple instead of integer-gmp
> The latter is most significant because unfortunately it makes it rather
> more
> difficult to install hmpfr.   Currently almost all binary distributions of
> ghc
> have integer-gmp compiled in to provide the Integer type via the standard
> library.  Also haskell platform 2010.2.0.0 assumes that ghc has been
> compiled
> with integer-gmp although it makes no specific use of it.  Instructions on
> how
> to compile ghc and haskell platform with integer-simple instead of
> integer-gmp
> are on:
> http://code.google.com/p/hmpfr/wiki/GHCWithoutGMP
> The rationale for this change is the fact that despite much effort hmpfr is
> very unreliable on ghc that includes integer-gmp due to ghc deallocating
> data that was allocated by MPFR at unpredictable times.
> Aleš and I hope that hmpfr can return to using integer-gmp once the
> proposal
> http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/ReplacingGMPNotes#BinaryDropinReplacementforGMP
> to replace gmp with a modified gmp in ghc is implemented and made the
> default.
> Best regards,
> Michal
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