[Haskell-cafe] A practical Haskell puzzle

Eric Mertens emertens at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 09:52:58 CET 2011

There were a number of emails discussing what a type-safe list solution
would like look. This was the approach that first came to mind when I read
your email (but I've had my head in Agda lately)


I've written up a minimal working example of this approach for those that
are curious.

As for the Haskell98 approach, I'd love to see a solution that didn't
require deserialization/serialization at each layer boundary. This sounds
like a case for the techniques used in list fusion, but GHC RULES are hardly
Haskell98 :-) I'd also like to avoid cramming all of the possible layer
input and output types into one giant ADT in such a solution.

Eric Mertens
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