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Eugene Kirpichov ekirpichov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 08:12:59 CET 2011

A year and something ago I used Leksah and I was reasonably satisfied
with what it had to offer at that time. If I'm understanding
correctly, it has been much improved since.

However, now I actually use vim - but that's because I'm scared of
trying to install Leksah on Windows (maybe it isn't hard, I haven't
tried) and because I'm only doing rather tiny things with Haskell at
the moment.

2011/3/3 Hauschild, Klaus (EXT) <klaus.hauschild.ext at siemens.com>:
> Hi Haskellers,
> whats your Haskell IDE of choise? Currently I use leksah. Is the EclipseFP
> Plugin for Eclipse a real alternative?
> Thanks
> Klaus
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