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Derp, forgot to CC the Cafe.

  Which ones have you read already? It's difficult to make recommendations without knowing what's already off the table.

Additionally, don't be put off if it takes a lot of effort to figure anything out. Math textbooks and so on are unlike any other textbook. It's not unusual to spend a day (or several days) trying to digest a single page of material unless you have a strong mathematical background (or even if you do). This is especially true in the more abstract disciplines (and if there's anything more abstract than category theory, I don't think I've yet encountered it).

On Jun 29, 2011, at 8:26 PM, Christopher Howard wrote:

> Would anyone recommend a particular book or tutorial to help me understand category theory? I've tried reading a few tutorials i've googled, but even the "beginner" ones are very difficult and seem to assume a lot.
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