[Haskell-cafe] overloading show function

Philipp Schneider philipp.schneider5 at gmx.net
Wed Jun 29 23:50:58 CEST 2011

Hi cafe,

in my program i use a monad of the following type

newtype M a = M (State -> (a, State))

i use the monad in two different ways. The type variable "a" can be a
pair as in

interp :: Term -> Environment -> M (Value,Environment)

and it can be just a value as in

type Environment = [(Name, Either Value (M Value))]

now in any case when i print the monad, i just want to print the value
and never the environment.

More specific i want to use somthing like the following

instance (Show a,Show b) => Show (M (a,b)) where
   show (M f) = let ((v,_), s) = f 0 in
     "Value: " ++ show v ++  " Count: " ++ show s

instance Show a => Show (M a) where
   show (M f) = let (v, s) = f 0 in
     "Value: " ++ show v ++  " Count: " ++ show s

however this gives me the following error message:

    Overlapping instances for Show (M (Value, Environment))
      arising from a use of `print'
    Matching instances:
      instance (Show a, Show b) => Show (M (a, b))
        -- Defined at
      instance Show a => Show (M a)
        -- Defined at
    In a stmt of an interactive GHCi command: print it

Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!

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