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Hi David,

Good point.  Not too fussed, though now that I think about it, I would have
preferred it if enumFile' was defined in the tutorial rather than in the



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> John Ky wrote:
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > From the IterIO tutorial:
> >
> >     enumFile' is like enumFile above, but type restricted to data in the
> lazy
> >     ByteString format, which is more efficient than plain Strings.
> (enumFile
> >     supports multiple types, but in this example there is not enough
> >     information for Haskell to choose one of them, so we must use
> enumfile' or
> >     use :: to specify a type explicitly.
> >
> > Which is fine, but shouldn't there also be iterHandle' and iterStream'?
> >
> > Also I'm guessing the f is a typo that should be F.
> Thanks, just fixed the typo in git.
> I guess the logic is that these are super-easy to define in your own
> code, so better not to pollute the namespace with lots of symbols.
> The same logic also applies to enumFile'.  However, in testing I found
> that I often wanted something like enumFile' to prototype something
> quick and dirty, just to test from a file.  So I added it as a
> convenience to myself.
> I don't have very strong feelings either way.  If enumFile' is
> inconsistent, my inclination would be to get rid of enumFile' rather
> than add iterHandle' etc.  That way, if someone wants to do everything
> in terms of strict byte strings, or text, or whatever, then can just
> define the primed versions to be whatever data format they prefer.
> I guess the reason it doesn't feel to horrible as-is is that enumFile
> is already a convenience function effectively combining openFile with
> enumHandle.
> David
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