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joe at omc-international.com.au joe at omc-international.com.au
Sun Jun 26 03:28:17 CEST 2011

I've tended to use the attached module.

It is basic, but has covered my needs.

It probably has many issues (bugs, inefficiencies, naming conventions,
etc) but has been sufficient so far.

Developed by myself a few years ago, under no particular licence - happy
for reuse or for someone to take it and package it up under cabal if it is
useful or maybe even better for someone to suggest a simple alternative.



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> I recently set out to write a library that required a decent time
> library. Having only had a flirt with Data.Time previously, I assumed
> it would be robust like many other haskell libraries. I don't know
> about consensus, but I have been massively let down. I won't go in to
> the details, since this is not the point -- I don't wish to complain
> - -- I wish to get on with it.
> So, assuming the consensus is in agreement, is there a reasonable
> alternative to Data.Time (I looked on hackage and nothing seemed to
> have come close)? Am I wrong in assuming Data.Time is pretty useless?
> If I am right, and there is no alternative, I see no option but to
> take an excursion into writing my own. Ultimately, I am just trying to
> avoid this. Tips welcome.
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