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Daniel van den Eijkel dvde at gmx.net
Sat Jun 25 13:03:33 CEST 2011


cheers daniel

Am 6/25/11 8:18 AM, schrieb Michael Xavier:
> I wondered if anyone knew the legalities of using the haskell logo, in 
> particular, this one:
> http://media.nokrev.com/junk/haskell-logos/logo1.png
> on a website, a personal blog in particular. While I am not yet a 
> primarily haskell coder, I'm using it more and more. I find this logo 
> in particular to be quite beautiful and would probably modify it a bit 
> to emphasize the lambda, which has broader application to computer 
> science beyond 1 language.
> I can't find any information on what the license is for this image. 
> Could anyone offer any advice on this?
> -- 
> Michael Xavier
> http://www.michaelxavier.net
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