[Haskell-cafe] Category theory as a design tool

Alberto G. Corona agocorona at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 10:17:12 CEST 2011

Tjhis presentation has been very useful for me:

Category Theory for  software engineers,.


It is an excelent introduction using basic notations (graphs). It
includes "Applying category theory to specifications" and  "Tools
based on category theory"

An excerpt:

"Reading maths books (especially category theory books!) is like
reading a program
without any of the supporting documentation. There’s lots of
definitions, lemmas, proofs,
and so on, but no indication of what it’s all for, or why it’s written
the way it is.
This also applies to many software engineering papers that explore
formal foundations"

Additionally I would say that reading category theory books is like
readling  a program with no monoonomorphic instances, no semantic
structure, no imperative main function telling what is all the stuff
for, and no purpose.

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