[Haskell-cafe] Building Haskell Platform natively for 64bit Windows

Nicu Ionita nicu.ionita at acons.at
Mon Jun 6 22:34:00 CEST 2011

Am 23.05.2011 13:32, schrieb Simon Marlow:
> On 18/05/2011 19:22, Jason Dagit wrote:
>> On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 2:50 AM, John Sneer<johnsneer at operamail.com>  
>> wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>>   I know it is not probably good question to this list, but anyway,
>>>   could anyone point me to some more detailed "how to" where is
>>>   described building of Haskell Platform natively to 64bit Windows?
>> If you figure out how to do this, I would like to know as well.  I
>> could also benefit from 64bit Haskell on windows.
> There is no port of GHC to 64-bit Windows yet.  Various people have 
> expressed an interest in having one, but it is a significant chunk of 
> work to implement (plus extra work to maintain and build 
> distributions), so we don't have any plans to do it in the short term.
> You can track progress (or lack thereof) by adding your email to the 
> CC on the ticket:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/1884
> If you want to help out, join cvs-ghc at haskell.org and we can help with 
> pointers to what needs to be done.
> Cheers,
>     Simon
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Just to double check: that means, today it's not possible to generate 64 
bit operations under Windows, including bit level .&., .|. a.s.o. (from 
Data.Bits), and this situation will stay like this for a while.

I'm asking this because I'm currently writing a pure Haskell chess 
engine based on bitboards. The bitboards are 64 bit wide and the basic 
operations are critical for speed, which is always critical in chess 

Then it looks I'll have to implement these operations in C and use FFI 
to link them.


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