[Haskell-cafe] How to install GhC on a Mac without registering?

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at me.com
Mon Jun 6 09:51:19 CEST 2011

> it won't be a pleasant choice to fork over a good chunk of money to
> Apple for the use of free software that they didn't develop.

Whilst I acknowledge your painful situation, I'd like to rebut the idea that Apple stole someone else's free software and are selling it on.  In fact, Apple developed, or paid for development of, quite a chunk of gcc: the objective-C front end and LLVM back end at least.

In paying for XCode 4, you are getting a lot of proprietary code in addition to gcc.

However, XCode 3 remains free to download, if you are a registered Apple developer.  Registration is completely free of charge:

You may find other links that make registration appear to cost $99 - but those are for the "iOS" or "Mac" developer programs, not the "Apple" developer program.  The ones that charge money enable the right to publish software in the App Stores, which you do not need.

I think you can download the free version of the XCode 3 installer, burn it to a DVD, and pass the DVD round your students.


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