[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hmatrix-0.11

Alberto Ruiz aruiz at um.es
Wed Jan 26 13:38:59 CET 2011

Hi all,

I am happy to announce hmatrix-0.11, a package for numerical computation 
based on LAPACK and GSL.

Home page: http://code.haskell.org/hmatrix/
Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hmatrix
Recent changes: http://code.haskell.org/hmatrix/CHANGES

By default this version uses Data.Vector.Storable from Roman 
Leshchinskiy’s vector package. This is useful for working with 1D arrays 
without explicit conversion (but note that Matrix t /= Vector (Vector 
t)). As a result, there is a different Show/Read instance for Vector, 
but no other changes should be observed using only hmatrix functions. (A 
possible issue is that empty vectors are typically not allowed in 
hmatrix, but can now be easily created using tools in the vector package.)
I hope this is useful. In any case, this can be disabled with flag 
-f-vector and we can still have O(1) conversion functions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed with patches, bug reports, 
suggestions, and installation problems. Special thanks go to Vivian 
McPhail for many excellent contributions, including single precision 
support, API reorganization, and many useful functions.


PS: In relation with the license thread, I am open to change to BSD3 the 
source code not depending on GSL.

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