[Haskell-cafe] GPL License of H-Matrix and prelude numeric

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Wed Jan 26 12:08:15 CET 2011

Chris Smith <cdsmith at gmail.com> writes:

> I definitely interpret the license field in Cabal to refer to the terms
> and conditions that govern distribution of the entire program or library
> as a unit, including binaries.

I disagree, I've always interpreted the license to cover the text in
that particular package.  At any rate we need a different way to deal
with this, since the license for the resulting binary can vary depending
on build flags, different binaries from the same package can end up
having different licensing, licensing can change if the licencing of a
dependency changes, and so on.

Perhaps cabal should look over the licenses involved, and inform the
user after building?

Installing executable(s) in /home/ketil/.cabal/bin
Executable 'foo' incorporates components with the following licenses:
Executable 'bar' ...

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