[Haskell-cafe] GPL License of H-Matrix and prelude numeric

John Millikin jmillikin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 07:21:07 CET 2011

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 22:14, Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
<ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com> wrote:
> However, my understanding that this property is then transitive: if
> Foo is GPL, Bar depends on Foo and Baz depends on Bar, then Baz must
> also be released under a GPL-compatible license.

It's not really a "must", just a matter of practicality.

If you compile/link together code with incompatible licenses (BSD4 +
GPL, GPL2-only + GPL3-only) then the resulting binary can't be legally
distributed for any reason (because doing so would violate at least
one of the licenses). You can still license the source code however
you want, and distribute it; the problem is only for binaries.

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