[Haskell-cafe] How large is the Haskell community ?

Jan Christiansen jac at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Sun Feb 13 00:57:22 CET 2011

On 12.02.2011, at 21:18, Aaron Gray wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone had an idea or estimate as to how large  
> the Haskell community is ?

All the answers made me wonder what the criterion is to be a member of  
the Haskell community. Are you a member if you downloaded ghc, if you  
have (at least once) defined a Monad instance, if you have written a  
hackage package, if you have contributed to the Monad.Reader, if you  
have a github account with at least one Haskell project, if you read  
at least one of the haskell mailing lists, if you contribute to a  
haskell mailing list (perhaps on a regular basis), if you post on  
reddit, if you answer/ask questions on stackoverflow, if you have  
written at least 10000 lines of code in Haskell, if Haskell is one of  
the programming languages you use, if Haskell is the one programming  
language you use, if you have written a PhD thesis related to Haskell,  
if you have asked a type related question only Oleg Kiselyov was able  
to answer, if you know what a Monoid is and know how to use it ... ; )

Cheers, Jan

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