[Haskell-cafe] Review request for "platform independent interactive graphics" with VNC

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at dfki.de
Fri Feb 4 09:23:18 CET 2011

Am 04.02.2011 07:27, schrieb C K Kashyap:
>     FrameBufferUpdateRequest x=0, y=0 width =1, height=1
>     FrameBufferUpdateRequest x=1, y=0 width =99, height=1
>     FrameBufferUpdateRequest x=0, y=1 width =100, height=99
>     Main: <socket: 7>: hPutBuf: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)
> I was not taking care of partial updates, I've taken care of it now.
>  Btw, what vncviewer are you using?

After pulling in your changes and recompilation, your application runs
as expected. Thanks a lot!


maeder at leibniz:~> uname -a
Linux [...] #1 SMP PREEMPT [...] i686 i686 i386
maeder at leibniz:~> vncviewer -h
TightVNC Viewer version 1.3.9

Usage: vncviewer [<OPTIONS>] [<HOST>][:<DISPLAY#>]
       vncviewer [<OPTIONS>] [<HOST>][::<PORT#>]
       vncviewer [<OPTIONS>] -listen [<DISPLAY#>]
       vncviewer -help

<OPTIONS> are standard Xt options, or:
        -via <GATEWAY>
        -shared (set by default)
        -passwd <PASSWD-FILENAME> (standard VNC authentication)
        -encodings <ENCODING-LIST> (e.g. "tight copyrect")
        -depth <DEPTH>
        -compresslevel <COMPRESS-VALUE> (0..9: 0-fast, 9-best)
        -quality <JPEG-QUALITY-VALUE> (0..9: 0-low, 9-high)

Option names may be abbreviated, e.g. -bgr instead of -bgr233.
See the manual page for more information.

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