[Haskell-cafe] OSX i386/x86 and x86_64 - time to switch supported platforms?

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Fri Feb 4 03:19:27 CET 2011

Max Cantor wrote:
> someone? wrote:
>> I think the original poster is saying that the targeted architecture for OS X support
>> should be the architecture that OS X assumes by default, and these days that's x86_64.

That sounds reasonable to me. The big caveat is that OSX >= 10.5.8 && < 
10.6 should still be targeted as well. While non-x86_64 Macs are quite 
old, OSX 10.6 is still pretty new and so there are a lot of people still 
using 10.5 (and our department still has a couple boxes running 10.4).

So even though 10.5.8 defaults to 32-bit, it should still be actively 
supported (as an x86_64 architecture). Just pass the necessary flags to 
gcc :)

>> It would be really nice for x86 mode to be well supported for a while longer.

Yes, it'd be really nice to support 32-bit mode for a while yet, even if 
it isn't actively being targeted for improvements.

Live well,

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