[Haskell-cafe] problem with instance method

Patrick Browne patrick.browne at dit.ie
Thu Feb 3 11:09:58 CET 2011

I am studying type classes using examples from the literature [1].
The attached code is a formalization of basic object oriented ideas. The
particular approach seems to be built on the concepts of: thing, object,
and identifier.
I have no intension to implement anything or significantly change the
code below. Rather, I am trying to understand the code as it stands.
I include a number of test runs which seem OK, but I cannot get the
*obj* function to work.

obj :: t -> i -> o t i
obj t i = Obj t i

Any hints would be appreciated.



-- A property of a thing
data Color = Blue | Green | Red | White deriving Show

-- A thing
class Cars c where
 car :: Color -> c
 getColor :: c -> Color
 putColor :: Color -> c -> c
 paint :: Color -> c -> c
 paint color car = putColor color car

data Car = Car Color deriving Show

instance Cars Car where
 car c = Car c
 putColor color (Car c) = Car color
 getColor (Car c) = c

-- Identifiers for objects
class (Integral i) => IDs i where
 startId :: i
 newId :: i -> i
 newId i = succ i
 sameId, notSameId :: i -> i -> Bool
 sameId i j = i == j
 notSameId i j = not (sameId i j)

instance IDs Integer where
 startId = 1

-- Objects consist of Things, with Identifiers
class (IDs i,  Show i) => Objects o t i where
 obj :: t -> i -> o t i
 getId :: o t i -> i
 getThing :: o t i -> t
 doThing :: (t -> t) -> o t i -> o t i
 doThing f o = obj (f (getThing o)) (getId o)
 same :: o t i -> o t i -> Bool
 same i j = sameId (getId i) (getId j)
 isId :: i -> o t i -> Bool
 isId i o = sameId i (getId o)

-- A general type of Obj
data Object t i = Obj t i deriving  Show

-- A particular Car Obj, which an instance of Objects class (in Haskell
terms, not OO terms)
instance Objects Object Car Integer where
 obj t i = Obj t i
 getId (Obj t i) = i
 getThing (Obj t i) = t

-- Create some actual Objects
x = (Obj (Car Blue) (startId::Integer))
y = (Obj (Car Green) (newId startId::Integer))

-- Some tests on car thing, seem OK
--   getColor (Car Blue)
--   putColor Green (Car Blue)
--   getColor (putColor Green (Car Blue))
-- Some tests on objects, seem OK
--  same x y
-- Obj (Car Blue) (newId startId::Integer)
-- Obj (Car Blue) (startId::Integer)
-- getThing (Obj (Car Blue) (startId::Integer))
-- getId (Obj (Car Blue) (startId::Integer))
-- isId 2 (Obj (Car Blue) (startId::Integer))

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