[Haskell-cafe] Automatically move cursor focus in split window in haskell-mode in emacs on load (C-c C-l) command?

Steven Collins stevenleecollins at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 06:07:43 CET 2011

I'm using haskell-mode-2.8.0 and emacs 22.2.1 on Ubuntu 9.10

The following elisp code works for me to change the focus to the GHCi buffer
(window) after the C-c C-l command in Haskell Mode.  Try this in your .emacs

(defadvice inferior-haskell-load-file (after change-focus-after-load)
  "Change focus to GHCi window after C-c C-l command"
  (other-window 1))

(ad-activate 'inferior-haskell-load-file)

I have this after the haskell mode configuration section of my .emacs file.

Remeber to go to the Emacs-lisp menu and 'Byte-compile and Load' after
adding the above code to your .emacs file.

  To understand what the elisp code is doing you can go to the help menu in
emacs, then drill down via 'Search Documentation ' , then 'Find any object
by name'.  Which will put you in the mini-buffer.  Type in either defadvice
or ad-activate to see the documentation for these functions. If you are a
little rusty on elisp this documentation may be a little hard to understand.

  Basically this is what's happening.  The function that is bound to the C-c
C-l command is inferior-haskell-load-file.  Which is an elisp function name
and part of the elisp haskell mode code.  The defadvice is kind of
overloading this function.   We are telling emacs that 'after' executing the
'inferior-haskell-load-file' function,  execute our new function who's name
is 'change-focus-after-load'.  The body of our function is just one
expression (other-window 1).
  This is the kind of stuff that makes it easy to modify (hack)
the functionality of emacs to do what you want.

I hope this helps and enjoy hacking in Haskell
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