[Haskell-cafe] custom SQL-to-Haskell type conversion in HDBC

Henry House hajhouse at hajhouse.org
Fri Aug 19 07:23:16 CEST 2011

Does there exist any sample code or other resources on writing a custom
SQL-to-Haskell datatype converter instance for use with HDBC that would be
accessible to someone just starting with Haskell? The reason I need this is
because of this problem (using PostgreSQL):

Prelude Database.HDBC.PostgreSQL Database.HDBC> res <- (quickQuery db "select 1::numeric(5,4);" [])
Prelude Database.HDBC.PostgreSQL Database.HDBC> res
[[SqlRational (1 % 1)]]
Prelude Database.HDBC.PostgreSQL Database.HDBC> res <- (quickQuery db "select 1::numeric(5,0);" [])
[[SqlRational (1 % 1)]]

where db is a database connection. The SQL values 1::numeric(5,4) and
1::numeric(5,0) are supposed to be fixed-precision numbers having 4 and zero
significant decimal figures after the decimal point, respectively. Both are
offered by HDBC as the same SqlValue, SqlRational (1 % 1) but they are not
really the same at all. The precision information has been lost. The native
outputs of PostgreSQL, before HDBC's type conversion, are 1.0000 and 1 for
'select 1::numeric(5,4);' and 'select 1::numeric(5,0);', respectively.

Henry House

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