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Joel Burget joelburget at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 05:38:49 CEST 2011


I've been working on an ffi library for the Assimp asset import library(
http://assimp.sourceforge.net). It should be useful for people doing
graphics in Haskell. I've been working on it so I can import models into a
ray-tracer I've been working on. My current progress is here:
https://github.com/joelburget/assimp. A couple weeks ago I managed to import
models and do some simple (and slightly buggy) renders, but since then I've
been redoing a lot of the guts of the library. At this moment it doesn't
build because of the changes I'm in the middle of. Hopefully I'll be able to
release the first version in the next week or so.

I've run into a few roadblocks that I would be thankful for help with.

1. In Graphics.Formats.Assimp.Vec I'm trying to get the fastest and smallest
possible vector types since a program could easily have millions of vectors
in memory and operations on them take a huge fraction of the time in an
average program. One problem I ran into is how to make the vectors
type-safe. The assimp library has separate data types for colors and
vectors, but represented the same in memory. I have a few ideas about how to
represent these:

a. The way I've been doing it:

>data N2
>data N3
>data N4
>data Color

>class Num a => Vector n a where
>  data Vec n a :: * -> *
>  ... rest of class

>-- A 3-dimensional vector of doubles. t is the (phantom) tag type, like
Color, Direction, etc
>-- This is meant to improve type safety
>instance Vector N3 Double where
>  data Vec N3 Double t = Vec3D !Double !Double !Double deriving (Show, Eq)
>  ... rest of instance

This seems very close to what I want, but it presents a few problems. First,
I create matrices from vectors, so the matrix must have an implicit type,
the type of the tags from the vectors it is made of. I made this () by
convention but then to multiply a vector by this matrix I have to use the
dot product and other vector operations, but then the tag type from the
matrix is different from that of the matrix I am multiplying. This leads to
the type `dot :: Vec n a t1 -> Vec n a t2 -> a`. Notice how there are two
different tag types, reducing type safety. Another problem is importing
vectors from the library. I would like to have different tags for distance
and direction, again to increase type safety, but they are both represented
the same way in the library, so the Storable instance can't always know what
type to create. I would probably always have to return a vector with tag
type ().

b. Just create separate Vec and Color datatypes. I would be mirroring the
library directly. Both would be instances of Vector.

c. Use newtype wrappers around Vec to represent the different types. I don't
really like this solution because the newtypes are too painful to use.

d. I've thought about some other solutions that I've forgotten now. Maybe
you have something better!

Remember, I would like to have a high degree of type safety if possible, but
the top consideration is performance. Another thing I've been wondering
about: could I use overlapping instances to allow the vectors to be of any
numeric type, but specialize and unbox them for the common ones? I'm
assuming unboxing can't be done unless we have a specific type because the
compiler won't know how large the type is.

2. How do people feel about the vector and matrix operators (eg |*|, |*||,
||*)? I like them a lot but I would like to see how other people feel about

3. Do I have to worry about marshalling float, double, and int straight to
Haskell? The report says Float and Double should conform to the IEEE
standard. I'm more interested in Int since the report only requires a 30 bit
Int. On my computer they appear to be 64 bits. Does this vary on 32 bit

4. There are several places the original library uses unsigned ints.
Obviously they can't be negative so I used CUInt in the Haskell code. I
never see CUInt instead of Int in real code. Should I change these?

5. I've reduced a lot of boilerplate in Vec.hs by using the CPP preprocessor
extension. I could reduce the boilerplate by another factor of 3 if I could
recursively call templates but that's not allowed. I would like to have one
template to generate both of these lines:

> data Vec N2 Double t = Vec2D !Double !Double deriving (Show, Eq)
> data Vec N3 Double t = Vec3D !Double !Double !Double deriving (Show, Eq)

Notice there is an extra !Double in the second. Is there an easy way to do
this? I don't know much about Template Haskell, would that work? Would it be

I should mention that I'm going to convert all the Storable instances from
something like this:
>  peek p = do
>    w <- (#peek aiQuaternion, w) p
>    x <- (#peek aiQuaternion, x) p
>    y <- (#peek aiQuaternion, y) p
>    z <- (#peek aiQuaternion, z) p
>    return $ Quaternion w x y z

to something like this:

>  peek p = Quaternion <$> (#peek aiQuaternion, w) p
>                      <*> (#peek aiQuaternion, w) p
>                      <*> (#peek aiQuaternion, w) p
>                      <*> (#peek aiQuaternion, w) p

So there's no need to tell me to change those. But please let me know of
other places that are in poor style.

Oh yes, patches and collaborators are welcome.

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