[Haskell-cafe] Re: A parsec question

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Thu Sep 30 13:10:30 EDT 2010

Christian Maeder wrote:
> Am 29.09.2010 20:01, schrieb Daniel Fischer:
>> On Wednesday 29 September 2010 19:10:22, Ben Franksen wrote:
>>>> Note the last line mentions only '}'. I would rather like to see
>>>>   expecting "}" or digit
>>>> since the parser could very well accept another digit here.
>> parsec2 did that, I don't know whether that change is intentional or
>> accidental.
> Right, parsec2 or parsec- still does so. (parsec-3 behaves
> differently wrt error messages.)
> Try "ghc-pkg hide parsec" so that parsec- will be taken:

I need parsec-3 since I use it as a monad transformer over IO so I can do IO
during parsing. And I want efficiency, too, so did not consider


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