[Haskell-cafe] I still cannot seem to get a GUI working under Windows.

Andrew Butterfield andrew.butterfield at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Sep 30 05:50:01 EDT 2010

On 29 Sep 2010, at 20:34, Steve Schafer wrote:

> This is an attitude that just doesn't fly in the Windows world. Which is
> unfortunate, because the Windows market is HUGE compared to OS X, and
> STUNNINGLY HUGE compared to everything else.
> The fix isn't going to be to find a developer who's willing to do the
> work to make Haskell+GUI more seamless under Windows. The fix is for the
> Haskell community--as a whole--to wake up and realize what the wxWidgets
> folks did a while ago: "Hey, you know what? This GUI stuff is
> _important_ if we want people to pay any attention to the software that
> we write!"

This is why, when I developed my theorem prover, I put GUI aspects top of the list

I chose wxHaskell because I wanted portability

Ironically, given the thrust of this thread, I got it working without too much difficulty on Windows

GHC 10.6.4, latest binaries for wxHaskell - easy to install and get working

I gather several of my students have successfully done Linux builds of same

I switched over recently  to Mac OS X (10.6), and (more irony) am having real difficulties
getting it to work - installing wxHaskell is a real bear on this platform....

The GUI theorem prover - see http://www.scss.tcd.ie/Andrew.Butterfield/Saoithin/

(I was going to announce this project to the Haskell Community real soon now, so I guess this is as good a time as any .....)

> -Steve Schafer
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