[Haskell-cafe] Coding conventions for Haskell?

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Mon Sep 27 01:12:12 EDT 2010

Quoth Alexander Solla <ajs at 2piix.com>,
> That's not so nice looking now, but consider what happens when you have 
> four or five arguments:
> type Label = String
> type Address = String
> data Foo a b = Foo      (Maybe Label)  Address a
>               | Bar             Label             b
>               | Foobar          Label   Address a b
> This is rather neat.  Instead of focusing effort on parsing the source, 
> we can merely compare lines for the differences in logic they embody.  

Note that it depends on a mono-spaced font.  Works as intended
in my terminal emulator window, and anywhere you or I have gone
to the trouble, but my initial look at it was in my email, which
as usual is a proportional font, and nothing lines up after the
first column.


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