[Haskell-cafe] Tree Construction

Holger Siegel holgersiegel74 at yahoo.de
Sat Sep 25 10:17:58 EDT 2010

Am 25.09.2010 um 11:54 schrieb Tom Hawkins:

> Hi,
> Often I need to assemble a tree from things with unstructured
> hierarchical paths.  I built a function [1] to do this for ImProve.
> But does a library already exist that does this?  If not I may create
> one, as I need it for a few different libraries.
> data Tree a b = Branch a [Tree a b] | Leaf a b
> tree :: (Eq a, Ord a) => (b -> [a]) -> [b] -> [Tree a b]
> Note, type 'a' is some sort of label, most often a string, and type
> 'b' form the leaves of the tree.  The function passed into 'tree'
> returns the hierarchical path of a leaf object.
> -Tom
> [1] http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/improve/0.0.12/doc/html/Language-ImProve-Tree.html

As Sjoerd Visscher has pointed out, this data structure is called trie. Here is a version of your module that allows for empty paths, uses sets instead of lists and stores values and subtrees separately:

module Language.ImProve.Tree ( Tree (..), tree) where

import qualified Data.Map as Map
import Data.Monoid

data Tree a b = Tree [b] (Map.Map a (Tree a b))

instance Ord a => Monoid (Tree a b) where
    mempty = Tree [] Map.empty
    mappend (Tree vs1 sts1) (Tree vs2 sts2)
        = Tree (vs1 ++ vs2) (Map.unionWith mappend sts1 sts2)

tree :: Ord a => (b -> [a]) -> [b] -> Tree a b
tree path leaves = mconcat [ foldr branch (leaf l) (path l) | l <- leaves ]
      leaf a = Tree [a] Map.empty
      branch b t = Tree [] (Map.singleton b t)

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