[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: tableaux-0.1

Pedro Baltazar Vasconcelos pbv at dcc.fc.up.pt
Fri Sep 24 05:17:03 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'd just like to announce the first release of Tableaux, a web-based
interactive theorem prover for first-order logic based on the method of
semantic tableaux (cf. "First-Order Logic", Raymond Smullyan, Dover).
This prover was intended as a teaching aid for undergraduate students
and enforces a step-by-step construction of proofs. It could also be
used as a basis for provers for other logics.

Tableaux runs on any web server supporting the CGI interface; uou can
check it out at http://www.ncc.up.pt/~pbv/cgi/tableaux.cgi. 
The source package is available from Hackage:

Best regards,

Pedro Vasconcelos

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