[Haskell-cafe] Uniting graphics libraries

Tillmann Vogt Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
Sat Sep 18 08:44:24 EDT 2010


I have nearly finished writing a Collada-output library to make 3d 
animation files. Before doing this I have looked at two libraries on 
hackage that parse Collada to display it. For my library I have copied 
the types from gpipe-collada and extended them. Now I am thinking that 
it would be nice if all 3d libraries would use the same data type. 
Currently gpipe-collada, graphics-formats-collada, obj, ... parse 
3d-formats. FieldTrip, lambdacube-engine, ... (to mention examples) can 
generate and/or display 3d-objects. But they all cannot be combined 
without tedious type conversions. The obvious argument is that every 
application has its own needs. This is of course true but I think that 
the Collada format shows how to deal with this (you can do quite a lot 
with profile_common). I would be willing to write patches for some 
libraries and make a discussable 3d-types library based on Collada.

Hope you agree,

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