[Haskell-cafe] Cost: (:) vs head

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Hi Henning,

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

A related but more general question: on average, what's more efficient, pattern matching or function calls?


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michael rice schrieb:
> Which of these would be more costly for a long list?
> f :: [Int] -> [Int]
> f [x] = [x]
> f (x:xs) = x + (head xs) : f xs
> f :: [Int] -> [Int]
> f [x] = [x]
> f (x:y:xs) = x + y : f (y:xs)

What about empty lists? How about
  zipWith (+) xs (drop 1 xs ++ [0]) ?

Since I often need to combine adjacent list elements, I have defined
mapAdjacent in utility-ht.

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