[Haskell-cafe] Google AI Challenge: Planet Wars - Accepting Haskell Submissions

Jake McArthur jake.mcarthur at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 19:11:00 EDT 2010

Just wanted to let everybody know that there is an AI contest [1] that 
started today. Everybody has about two months to create bots that 
compete against each other 1-on-1 in a game based on Galcon [2].

A couple issues to mention for full disclosure: There is some 
sponsorship by Google, but unfortunately they aren't running the 
hardware, so the site is getting pretty hammered right now. We (it's all 
open source and open for contributions) are working to get it optimized 
to better handle the load. Also, the version of GHC on the server is 
very old (6.8.2) and isn't likely to get updated. I'm working to allow 
binary submissions though. If that goes through, you guys will be able 
to submit 64-bit Linux binaries rather than Haskell code to be compiled 
on the server.

Just letting everybody know so the Haskell community can represent!

- Jake

[1] http://ai-contest.com
[2] http://galcon.com

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