[Haskell-cafe] Style and a problem

Nils Schweinsberg ml at n-sch.de
Thu Sep 9 18:06:46 EDT 2010

Am 09.09.2010 22:55, schrieb Wanas:
> Hey all,
> So I have a two part question (I'm new to haskell, so you can throw all
> your mugs at me).
> a) I want to write a function that generates lists of lists of size $n$.
> All having the property that sum lst = sum [1..n].
> a-1) After that, I want to remove all permutations. My idea of doing
> this is to get all lists from the first function and create a new list
> with the property that "if sorted list A is not in the list, add it."
> b-2) I think that's too much questions, but I want to get the hang of
> this quickly (it was kickass for the few things I've tried out).

Something like this?

     import Data.List

     newList :: Int -> [[Int]]
     newList n = myNub
         [ l | l <- undefined -- not really sure how you want
                              -- to generate these lists :)
             , sum l == sum [1..n]

     myNub :: (Ord a) => [[a]] -> [[a]]
     myNub = nubBy (\a b -> sort a == sort b)

- Nils

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