[Haskell-cafe] recommendations for reading list?

David Leimbach leimy2k at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 23:45:32 EDT 2010

Thank you for this suggestion.  I do have this book.  I found it to be a
little lacking in some areas in that it felt like I was reading a student's
lecture notes, not the professor's.

At some point, I'm left with questions that there's no one around to answer
:-).  This is why I'm trying to go deeper.  I think it's a great one to have
on your bookshelf though for quick refreshers!


2010/9/8 Николай Кудасов <crazy.fizruk at gmail.com>

> Hi, Dave!
> Consider this book:
> *Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists (Foundations of Computing)<http://www.amazon.com/Category-Computer-Scientists-Foundations-Computing/dp/0262660717>--
> *Benjamin C.Pierce
> This is at the moment the only book about category theory I've read, but it
> was easy for me as for programmer rather than mathematician to understand
> most of the stuff. Now I am reading "Categories for the Working
> Mathematician" and just can't go further 50-60 pages, cause for
> understanding rest of the book I must understand examples given in the book,
> and those are mainly from group theory, topology and functional analysis. As
> I am slightly familiar with any, first I need to learn some other
> mathematics.
> So if you are rather programmer than mathematician, I think you'd better
> start with book I mentioned above. Otherwise you should stock up with lots
> of books about less abstract mathematics =)
> With best regards,
> Nick
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