[Haskell-cafe] recommendations for reading list?

Benedict Eastaugh ionfish at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 19:21:24 EDT 2010

2010/9/9 Николай Кудасов <crazy.fizruk at gmail.com>:
> Consider this book:
> Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists (Foundations of Computing)
> -- Benjamin C.Pierce

Hi David,

Николай Кудасов is quite right—Pierce's book is excellent. Apart from
being a good introduction to category theory, it's worth buying for
the fourth chapter alone, which is an annotated bibliography of
textbooks, introductory articles and reference works on category
theory. It would be an excellent guide to where to go next after
finishing Basic Category Theory.

Graham Hutton also taught a course on category theory at MGS 2010, and
his slides are online. I found them quite enlightening, and they move
at a good pace for a beginner, with an appropriate level of formality.


Category theorists tend to give lots of examples from abstract
algebra, so a basic understanding of some algebraic structures is,
I've found, a lot of help when trying to appreciate category-theoretic

Hope this helps a little.


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