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abau at abau at
Sun Sep 5 07:37:23 EDT 2010

> Seems cool, but I do not really get it : why write it in haskell ? I
> thought at first that your "formula language" was haskell, but it
> looks more like a php derivative.

This "formula language" is just a very simple language to insert formulas into cells. It has nothing to do with haskell.

> Does it do more than the spreadsheet thing in openoffice ?

I don't know the spreadsheet in openoffice, but I don't think that lhae does anything more or better than openoffice.

> Also, maybe you could do the same with gnuplot, it would be really
> cool to be able to use a friendlier language for defining functions
> other than polynomials or the few standard floating point functions.

Sorry, but I don't understand this point. I thought gnuplot is just for plotting graphs. But lhae is a (low level) spreadsheet application. But I may got something wrong on your question?

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