[Haskell-cafe] holumbus error message -- unexpected package db stack

Roderick Ford developer at live.com
Sat Sep 4 00:25:15 EDT 2010

Hello all,
I want to try out Holumbus packages, but found that they don't build when left to cabal-install.  So I went to the holumbus site and did the git of the latest source...but it still wouldn't build.  Surprisingly, one of the errors was that there System.IO did not export a method utf8, but alas, utf8-prelude and utf8-string are both installed.  
So I went into this source code tree and attempted to make minor alterations.  First, of the script is the distribution package (of the three packages), and cabal wanted less than the most recent hxt package as a maximum, so I dropped that limit.  This gave me a buildable make of the code (make just calls Setup for each step) but in the "make install" I get:
localhost:/home/roderick/Source/hs/src/distribution # make install
Installing library in /usr/local/lib/Holumbus-Distribution-
Installing executable(s) in /usr/local/bin
Registering Holumbus-Distribution-
Setup.hs: internal error: unexpected package db stack
make: *** [install] Error 1

So, my question is "What is the 'unexpected package db stack' caused by?"  Does this give me any hints about the actual problem?

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