[Haskell-cafe] HDBC-postgresql and safe/unsafe FFI calls

David Powell david at drp.id.au
Wed Sep 1 22:40:50 EDT 2010


I'm having an issue with the HDBC-postgresql package that requires me to
manually patch it before installation for most of my use cases.

All the FFI calls in this package are marked "unsafe".  Unfortunately, this
means that whenever I issue a slow sql query, all other processing stops.
In most places that I want to use this module, I've had to manually patch it
to at least mark the PQexec and PQexecParams calls as "safe".

Is there any reason these calls should not be marked as "safe"?  I
understand that there a little extra runtime overhead with this, but I'd
have thought that negligible given all the other processing that goes on
with these particular calls under the hood.


David Powell
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