[Haskell-cafe] Parsing workflow

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at me.com
Sun Oct 31 13:47:27 EDT 2010

On 31 Oct 2010, at 16:15, Nils Schweinsberg wrote:

> Am 31.10.2010 16:53, schrieb Vo Minh Thu:
>>  So you have to either factorize you parsers or use
>> the 'try'.
> This is exactly what gives me headaches. It's hard to tell where you  
> need try/lookAhead and where you don't need them. And I don't really  
> feel comfortable wrapping everything into try blocks...

Have you considered using a different set of parser combinators, a set  
that is actually composable, and does not require the mysterious  
"try"?  I would recommend polyparse (because I wrote it), but uuparse  
would also be a fine choice.


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