[Haskell-cafe] fundata1 -- Karmic Social Capital Benchmark and Shootout

Alexy Khrabrov alexy.khrabrov at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 20:53:57 EDT 2010

I am happy to announce fundata1 -- the largest-ever program per RAM allocation in Haskell, originally implemented in Clojure and then OCaml and Haskell for social network modeling.  


It has now become the first large-scale social networking benchmark with a real dynamic social graph built from the actual Twitter gardenhose, with the data OK'd by Twitter and supplied along with the benchmark.

I wrote three reference implementations, all on github as well.  Clojure and OCaml are quite basic, while Haskell community had a chance to optimize its data structures and in fact fix a GC integer overflow while working on it.  You're welcome to fork and improve all of these implementations, and supply others!

There's a Google Group, 


to discuss the shootout.  There's also a blog about it and other functional things at


Let the fun begin!

-- Alexy Khrabrov

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