[Haskell-cafe] who's in charge?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Oct 28 18:44:15 EDT 2010

Dear John,

Am 28.10.10 23:57, schrieb John Goerzen:
> On 10/27/2010 10:08 AM, Günther Schmidt wrote:
>> Dear Malcolm,
>> since there is no mail client library even after 10+ years I suggest to
>> rethink the approach, because frankly, it's not working.
> Why do you keep suggesting this?
> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/WashNGo
Thanks for this, I wasn't aware that it also offered email handling.

> There is no need for a mail client library on many platforms.  Just
> pipe the data to /usr/sbin/sendmail and poof.  Done.
That would work well for sending (on Unix), but not for receiving.

> Has it occurred to you that there is no mail client library because
> there is no need for one?

No, to be honest, it never has. I absolutely cannot conceive of it. It'd 
be like not having HDBC for instance and having to roll my own database 
driver. It wouldn't have mattered how great a language haskell is, had 
it not had HDBC I would have had no choice but to drop it and move on. 
Database connectivity to me is one of the essential things I need to be 
able to do, and so is email, as is xml, as is http.

> Frankly I am unimpressed with monster 10,000-SLOC mail client
> libraries that make it a lot harder for me to pipe some stuff to
> sendmail.
Well it's not necessarily only about sending mail, it's more about the 
whole shebang one wants / needs to do with mail.


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