[Haskell-cafe] On being called a troll

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Wed Oct 27 17:12:46 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

this post is to argue my own case.

Today I have made the most upsetting experience of being called a troll, 

I have posted to this list for over 3 years now and until lately it was 
an enlightening experience. The responses to my questions have usually 
been helpful and friendly.

But for some time now, I have noticed that the tone on this list has 
changed. It seems to have become ok to respond quite brutally and 
without regard for the other persons feelings. It also seems to have 
become ok to chime in. For some reason it has become acceptable to 
politicalize a subject at the earliest convenience and take the gloves off.

I am 42 now and am surprised how much this still hurts, after all I 
survived the schoolyard bullies and who would have thought that these 
times would ever come again?

I urge you, my fellow haskellers, to show some restraint when we are 
dealing with one another on this list. And to think twice before you 
launch a personal attack.


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