[Haskell-cafe] who's in charge?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Wed Oct 27 10:03:27 EDT 2010

Hi Malcolm,

well if I would like to point out that, for instance, Haskell exists for 
a lot more than 10 years now, and that, while the language per se rocks, 
and there are cool tools (cabal) and libraries (list, Set, Map), there 
still isn't even a mail client library, I wonder whom to escalate this 
to, and who is going to do something about it.

I understand some parties wish to avoid success at all costs, while 
others, commercial users, benefit from the edge haskell gives them 
already and which probably can help themselves in case of, again, for 
instance a missing mail client library.

And then there is the ones like me, which also want to benefit from the 
edge Haskell gives them over users of other languages and want to 
develop Real World Apps and who cannot easily help themselves in case of 
a missing mail client library.

So while there are many aspects of the future of haskell, who 
effectively is it that steers the boat?


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