[Haskell-cafe] ANN: timeplot-0.2.1, a tool for visualizing time series from log files.

Eugene Kirpichov ekirpichov at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 08:40:44 EDT 2010

Hi cafe,

I'm pleased to announce timeplot-0.2.1.

This is a tool for visualizing time series from log files.

I'm myself using it for diagnosing performance of distributed systems:
I aggregate their logs and plot various things, such as the number of
tasks executing on each machine of the cluster, or quantiles of
database query times, etc.

See pretty pictures on haskellwiki:

This version has several changes, which together raised the program's
usefulness for me tremendously:

 - The program now builds and works on Windows! You just need gtk2hs.
I got rid of strptime and pcre dependencies (strptime is built from
bundled and patched source, and I use regex-tdfa by Chris Kuklewicz).

 - Support for millisecond precision on charts (thanks to the new 0.14
version of Tim Docker's excellent Chart library)
 - Support for millisecond precision in input (because I re-did
strptime to compile from scratch with support for the %OS pattern,
which recognizes fractional seconds)
 - Support for selecting a range of the input (however,
non-interactively) with "-fromTime/-toTime"
 - Support for "duration" plots: given an event track (where events of
something beginning or ending are recorded), you can produce all kinds
of plots over the durations of these events.
 - Support for colored "status" plots: now event tracks represent not
purely the presence or absence of an active event, but an event track
can be colored, representing several states of a subsystem or

Please use the program and provide feedback :) I have a hope that it
could become a reasonably widely used tool for the kinds of tasks that
I use it for.

Eugene Kirpichov
Senior Software Engineer,
Grid Dynamics http://www.griddynamics.com/

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